The Claymore/MAC Global Solar Energy Index ETF

The Claymore/MAC Global Solar Energy Index ETF (NYSE:TAN), is another interesting clean tech ETF. The ETF seeks to present results that correspond generally to the performance of the MAC Global Solar Energy Index.
The Index is designed to track companies within certain segments of the solar energy industry:

  • companies that produce solar power equipment and products for end-users
  • companies that produce fabrication products or services for solar power equipment producers
  • companies that supply raw materials or components to solar power equipment producers or integrators
  • companies that derive a significant portion of their business from solar power system sales, distribution, installation, integration or financing
  • companies that specialize in selling electricity derived from solar power.

The Index is comprised of approximately 25 stocks selected upon the relative importance of solar power within the company’s business model.

The top investments of the ETF are (6/5/09):

Meyer Burger Technology AG 7.80
Trina Solar Ltd-Spon ADR 6.41 %
Canadian Solar Inc 6.11 %
SMA Solar Technology 5.81 %
First Solar Inc 5.55 %
Centrotherm Photovoltaics 5.22 %
Yingli Green Energy – ADR 5.17 %
Manz Automation AG 4.73 %
Suntech Power Holdings ADR 4.21 %
Roth & RAU AG 4.18 %

Solar panels

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