Q-Cells Falls Over 12%: Catastrophic Results in Q2

Q-Cells (ETR:QCE) is a German company that develops and produces solar cells made of monocrystalline and multicrystalline silicon.¬† The company is with its¬†approximately 1700 employees the biggest solar cell producer worldwide. Thus the “catastrophic” result of the company is of interest for every green investor interested in solar energy stocks. qcells_2yrs

Today the stock has lost already more than 12%, after the company announced it would likely post a loss for the second quarter. The global weak development in photovoltaic prices has hurt the sales, and the company expects a loss of EUR62 million in earnings before interest and tax. Furthermore, the company does not see the future in a brighter light.

Several analysts quoted by Handelsblatt and Wall Street Journal have commented the result as catastrophic and as a loss of credibility of Anton Milner, who is the company’s chairman of the executive board. Only a few days ago, Milner gave an interview for the German Wirtschaftswoche where he gave a completely different view of the company’s future.

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