EPIA’s SET for 2020 Report Published

European Photovoltaic Industry Association (EPIA) has published  SET For 2020 Report outlining how photovoltaics can become a mainstream energy supplier in Europe by 2020. The analysis is based both on quantitative data and interviews of around 100 key people in industry, research institutes, utilities, regulatory agencies and government across Europe and other parts of the world over the past six months.  hot_sun-800x600

The most important findings of the report are:

  • Europe needs to dramatically increase the share of PV to meet its 20/20/20 energy goals.
  • A 12% market share for PV in Europe is a demanding, but achievable and desirable objective.
  • Supporting the development of PV is an investment that will yield important positive returns for the European economy.
  • The deeper and earlier the penetration of PV, the greater the net benefits.
  • Mass penetration of PV will support European competitiveness, employment and energy security of supply.
  • PV is the fastest-growing renewable energy technology, and costs are expected to drop faster than those of other electricity sources.
  • By end 2020, PV can be competitive in as much as 75% of the European electricity market.

More information can be found in SET For 2020 web site and the 13 page executive summary of the report that can be downloaded from the web site.

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