Solar Energy Has Rallied For Three Months

The stock markets have rallied for three months after the low of early March 2009. Almost any investment has been profitable during this period but solar energy sector has shown extraordinary good performance.

Claymore/MAC (Ticker: TAN) has gained 121.8 % during the last three months. During the same time, Market Vectors Solar Energy ETF (Ticker: KWT) has gained 92.54 %.

It is interesting to compare the performance of these alternative energy ETFs with the performance presented by some of the ETFs in traditional energy sector.

Vanguard Energy ETF (Ticker: VDE) has gained only 38.12 %. Vanguard Energy ETF holdings include companies like Exxon, Chevron and ConocoPhillips. Almost all of its holdings are in oil and gas.morning_sun_solar_energy

Market Vectors Nuclear Energy ETF (Ticker: NLR) is an interesting ETF in nuclear energy. It has gained 52.88 % during the last three months.

Already these numbers should make it clear, that the alternative energy stocks function like leveraged traditional energy sector investments. Rising oil price seems to effect the alternative energy stocks even more than the traditional energy sector.

Interestingly, the nuclear energy has not shown as good performance during the last months. In the long run, nuclear energy sector suffers from political risks which are difficult to predict.

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