Too green investors miss some of the best opportunities

Too green investors miss some of the best opportunities, claims an article about Desertec solar project published in Seeking Alpha: Desertec Solar Project: Investors Can’t Afford to Be Too Green if They Want to Make Money.

According to the article, many green investors are willing to invest only in companies that generate at least half of the revenue from green products like solar panels or wind energy turbines.  Doing so, they miss many of the best green investing opportunities.

Many companies are involved in the Desertec project and only some of them would be classified as green companies by the “dark green”  investors. For example, German companies like Siemens AG (SI) and Deutsche Bank (DB), or the Swiss ABB (ABB) are among the companies that most probably profit from the Desertec project and other important green projects.  In addition, energy companies like E.On AG (EONGY) and RWE AG (RWEOY) that do most of their profit with traditional energy are involved with Desertec.desert_solar_energy

If you are interested in investing companies benefitting from Desertec, take a look at the following mostly German companies: ABB, ABENGOA Solar, Cevital, Deutsche Bank, E.On, HSH Nordbank, MAN Solar Millennium, Münchener Rück, M+W Zander, RWE, SCHOTT Solar and Siemens.

Even if these and other similar companies might not be the greenest companies around, they certainly have their place in a green investor’s portfolio.

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