Solar Stocks in Trouble, Say Analysts

The German photovoltaic cell produces Q-Cell has reported “catastrophic” result for 2009Q2. The result might be indicative of the solar energy companies result in general as the analysts see no light for solar stocks in the near future.

According to the analysts cited by the German business newspaper Handelsblatt, there is no reason to see any potential for short term wins in solar stocks. Credit Suisse has downgraded Solarworld (ETR:SWV) and gives the stock now a target price of EUR 14.30 instead of the earlier EUR 15.00. Today, at 11:00 CEST the stock was still quoted at 15.68, well above the target price.

The other German solar stocks do not earn any more confidence. For example, eight out of ten analysts gave a  “sell” rating to Solon SE (ETR:SOO1). Furthermore, the expectations for the Q3 are not any better. According to Catharina Saponar of Nomura Securities, the whole solar sector in Germany might have difficulties until 2015. index

Source: Solaraktien: Jüngste Analysen geben kaum Anlass zur Hoffnung

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